Property Lawyers

Instructing the right professionals to assist you in moving home is essential. This is where Zam Zam Estates Legal Services comes in, with its popular, fixed, no-move, no-fee policy.

No-move, no-fee

It is never too soon to instruct your conveyancer if you want a fast move. Thanks to Zam Zam Estates Legal Services, our no-move, no-fee basis means we can get a head start on all of the paperwork.

Budget with confidence

All our fees are fixed and agreed when you instruct us, so you can budget with confidence for your move from the start. Zam Zam Estates will only charge a fee if you move. If for any reason your sale or purchase falls through, there will be no charge. In addition, any part of your upfront fee that has not been used to pay disbursements will be returned.

The very best solicitors

Our solicitors adhere to strict service standards and have years of experience of conveyancing to ensure they provide a fast, efficient and professional service backed by the highest levels of customer care at all times.